Let us introduce ourselves, Paul is a qualified chef of over 30 years and Diane is a Operations Manager in the hospitality industry. Our adventure began in 2016. It was after a friend had returned from a trip to the USA and was telling us about the fun BBQ adventure he had. He gave Paul a sample of smoked chicken breast he had cooked and it’s safe to say, Paul loved what he was eating and thought he’d give this ‘BBQ thing’ a try. After some research and internet trawling he realised he could use the Weber we had to smoke/bbq meats, so he decided to take the cheaper option and do some smoked cheese burgers. It began, soaking the wood chunks overnight, lite the charcoal and watched the smoke escape from the vents, in went the burgers, woo hoo it's happening, 10 minutes later out they came and they tasted horrible. So horrible, not even the dog would eat them. Not deterred, so more research and a crack at some pork ribs and let us say they were much better. After this, our BBQ adventure had begun. Our love is BBQ and we enjoy sharing the BBQ love as well as introducing people into the world of BBQ.

In 2019 we secured
KCBS Team of
the Year!